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Introduction to Caffeine and Espresso

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Hello, fellow coffee lovers! We all know that feeling when only a bold espresso can kickstart our day. But ever wondered about the magic behind it? Yes, we're talking about caffeine. At Aerial Resupply Coffee, we celebrate that burst of energy. Let’s uncover the secrets of espresso together, including why our Spectre Dark Espresso Roast is a game-changer.

How Much Caffeine is in an Espresso Shot?

A shot of espresso is a caffeine powerhouse in a small package. On average, you’re looking at about 63 milligrams of caffeine. But, it’s not just about the quantity. The type of bean, grind size, and brewing technique all influence that caffeine kick. In comparison, drip coffee has more caffeine overall but is less concentrated.

The Benefits of Espresso's Caffeine

It’s not just about staying awake. Caffeine in espresso sharpens focus, enhances alertness, and may even boost your memory temporarily. For us, it's also about the moments created around sipping that rich espresso.

Selecting the Right Beans for Your Espresso

The secret to a remarkable espresso? The beans. Dark roasts like our Spectre are perfect for espresso, providing that classic, intense flavor. Let’s guide you through picking the best beans for that perfect shot.

Brewing the Perfect Espresso at Home

Brewing espresso is an art and a science. You don't need a barista's expertise when you have the right tools and tips. First, invest in a quality espresso machine. Then, focus on the grind - it needs to be fine but not powdery. Remember, the goal is a rich, creamy shot of espresso that brightens your day.

Enjoying Espresso Responsibly

We all love a good caffeine boost, but moderation is key. The general guideline? Keep it to about 400 milligrams of caffeine daily. That's roughly six shots of espresso. Enjoy your espresso experience without overindulging. After all, it's about savoring the flavor and the moment.


Espresso is more than just a coffee drink; it's a culture, a ritual, and for many of us, a necessity. With the right beans, like our Spectre Dark Espresso Roast, and a bit of brewing knowledge, anyone can enjoy the perfect espresso. At Aerial Resupply Coffee, we're proud to share our passion and expertise with you. Here's to many more delightful espresso moments!


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