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Great coffee is really about two simple things

Great coffee is really about two simple things - Aerial Resupply Coffee

This may come as a surprise to you - but there are A LOT of companies out there selling coffee. I know - it surprised me as well. You can get almost any flavor, bean, blend, or roast from all corners of the world. It truly is a global commodity. 

The fact that you can get coffee pretty much anywhere you look makes me appreciate you, the reader, even more. You took the time to find my website - and more importantly - the time to read my blog and learn a bit more about me and what Aerial Resupply Coffee is really doing. 

Thank you. Truly

As I said though, anyone can sell coffee. 

But not all coffee experiences are created equal. 

We've all had that experience where you absolutely need something to get you started for the day, and so you accept almost anything, just to get some caffeine in your system. And many of you had the experience of hating the taste because it was bitter, or bland, but you put up with it because it was there. 

Why? Why settle? 

A great coffee experience is really about two things: the first sip, and who you are sharing it with. 

I spent over 20 years in the Army. I've seen and tasted a WIDE variety of coffee, from all over the world. To be honest, most of it tasted horrible. Mainly because it was there - and someone had to make it. 

So yeah, my first sip during this time, wasn't great at all. Most of my sips were much more cream and sugar than actual coffee. You'll do almost anything after 36 hours awake to care, but that doesn't make it a good sip. 

But you can't replace the people at work, drinking that sludge right along side of you. That's irreplaceable. That's the other half. 

To you though, you have your friends and family, who've you shared countless meals or drinks with. You've collectively RAVED about food or drinks you thought were amazing. It is a shared experience unlike any other. 

My goal with Aerial Resupply Coffee is to bring that experience to life. That's my hope. That's my drive. 

I want you to rave about coffee, to your friends and family, when it's the perfect sip. 

Let's try to get there together. Give Fire Watch a try. You might be pleasantly surprised. 






Dan Curtis

This post, though a bit dated, is fantastic. The minute I read the title I knew 50% of the answer.

Having served 20-years in uniform, I too can express a sincere and firm belief that the company you surround yourself with when enjoying a great cup of coffee is part of the experience. Especially on those mornings as the sun rises when the air is crisp, your toes are chilled, and on every exhale you see your breath! Whether overlooking the scenery at PCMS in Colorado or a mountainous view in Afghanistan, those memories are forever!!!

Thanks for sharing!

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