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Check out our new line of Shirts! - Aerial Resupply Coffee

Check out our new line of Shirts!

Our Logo T-shirt has arrived!



It's been an exciting and wild ride, these first few weeks of operations as Aerial Resupply Coffee. First, we launched Fire Watch, our outstanding medium blend roast of premier Colombian Supremo coffee - which was a rousing success to say the least. 

Then, late this week, we learned that our first T-shirt design was approved and our supplier was ready to start printing! 

I'm stoked! 

This shirt is the representation of the vision we had when we started Aerial Resupply Coffee. Seeing the logo in large, distressed lettering makes it all the more real, and it's awesome to see it up close. 

The shirt material itself, 100% cotton, feels much more like moisture wicking material than cotton. It's a very comfortable shirt - and breathes exceptionally well. 

My first choice was to have the shirt in black, but honestly, any of the four colors are killer combinations to wear. 

All of this would not have been possible if not for Proper Patriot - a website that conducts print-on-demand services. I see a lot of good things coming in the future, so stay tuned. 

And check out the store while you're at it. Thanks! 


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