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Vets helping Vets - Post by Matt Loves Coffee - Aerial Resupply Coffee

Vets helping Vets - Post by Matt Loves Coffee

Every once in a while - people will surprise you. This happened recently when a fellow veteran, and Aerial Resupply Coffee customer, Matthew Chapa decided to take the ultimate taste test - and give Fire Watch a try. 

I'll let Matt take it away here.

"Happily enough, I don’t have to just spectate on the sidelines: I get to help boost the signal for a fellow vet, and I’m so happy to get to. Dear readers, I ordered a bag of Aerial Resupply’s “Fire Watch” coffee beans — whole, because I write a snobby coffee blog that you all read. It came quickly, as any good logistician’s offerings would, and this morning I had the pleasure of grinding up and brewing a cup to get my morning started. I really needed it today; my kids wake up before our neighbor’s rooster crows and, as has become our morning routine, we ran a quarter mile together for morning physical training (PT, for those in the know)."


You can find the rest of the article here


As always, thank you Matt for your kind words. And we agree - Fire Watch coffee is pretty awesome. 


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