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Fire Watch is on Fire! Here is what you had to say about it. - Aerial Resupply Coffee

Fire Watch is on Fire! Here is what you had to say about it.

When we first rolled out Fire Watch - we knew that it was the best medium roast blend of Colombian coffee that ANYONE had to offer. What we didn't know is how YOU would react to your first sip, or your first cup. 


To say we were overwhelmed with your response is an understatement to say the least. 


Here are just a few reactions. 


First up - Gary.... 

Thanks, Gary. Your support has been invaluable to our first few weeks of operations. 


Next up is Corrie Burton - Check out her post on LinkedIn...

Corrie had a FANTASTIC IDEA that we are looking to incorporate in the future. Keep your eyes out. Thanks Corrie!


We finish tonight with a final review from Leslie Coffee. She's one of our most recent customers... here is what she had to say: 


Leslie - I could NOT agree more, buying from Veteran-owned companies is one of the best things you can do. 

Seeing our name associated with the fine individuals listed in Leslie's post is a tremendous honor. These people have all flourished since exiting the service and I could not be happier to have our name even considered in the same post. 

Thank you to all of these fine people who have taken a chance - supported a small veteran owned business - and tried our brand new Fire Watch medium roast coffee. 

I invite you to try it today! 



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