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A Thankful 2021 - Aerial Resupply Coffee

A Thankful 2021

What a year it has been.  Now that I think of it, the last two years have been crazy.  We’ve seen some of the craziest and weird things that I’m not sure Tolkien could have ever dreamt. 

With the almost constant chaos and the world seemingly in a state of going to hell, there is one group that I’d like to personally thank during this season of Thanksgiving.

They go by many names.  Law Enforcement Officers, Cops, Police, Fuzz, Five-O, Bobbies, just to name a few.

To all of the Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) out there, thank you for all that you’ve done and will continue to do to keep my family and community safe.

Daily, you put your lives on the line, never knowing if the person that you stopped for a “routine” traffic violation will act out with violence.  

Society has mixed emotions about you and your role.  They either admire or despise you.  The hate stings.  It hurts deep down because you made the decision, volunteered actually, for this job.  You wanted to make a difference.  You often question if you made the right choice.

You don’t make the laws.  Whether you believe in or disagree with laws and policies, you enforce them because you live a life of integrity.  You don’t want to be judged by the actions of others in your field, only by your character.  You just want to do what’s right. You want to make your community a better place.

Like everyone, you have goals, people who love you.  You have a reason to come home at the end of every shift.

You dive head first into the chaos to bring us order.

This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks to the most under-appreciated and un-thanked group that I know.

I appreciate you and I am thankful for you. Stay safe. 


Check out Ian over at his personal blog, Talking Llama! 

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