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Spectre - Aerial Resupply Coffee
Spectre - Aerial Resupply Coffee

We love when it's dark. Operating in pitch black doesn't scare aircrews or pilots, and is the preferred time to support those in need. The gunship remains silent, but ever present, prepared to deliver at a moments notice.

In many ways, this roast is a tribute to the consistent and immediate delivery of taste that coffee aficionados would expect from a dark espresso roast. Hand-picked beans from several regions in South America, this blend combines the best attributes of each to bring rich flavor into your cup. 

If you like your coffee dark - then look no further than Spectre, if you can find it in the night sky. 

This roast is a Fair Trade Act coffee blend.

Roast Profile: Dark

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Laury Lancaster
ARC Spectre

Awesome cold brew!

Oh! Do you have a recipe to share how you made it? We love cold brew!

Jill Yanus
Insert better word for awesome here

Yup. It’s a go to brew.

Rodney Parker
excellent brew

I usually drink Cafe Bustelo, or other espresso grind dark roasts, and Spectre beats them all.

Josh Epstein
Bravo Zulu

I was privileged to work directly with Mike on the entire process, and he went above and beyond to walk me through it step by step and make sure to follow up with me.

ARC donated an entire event's worth of whole bean coffee to support our Memorial Day observance at Hollywood Post 43, and our members raved about Spectre. Why only Spectre?

Because I sampled Fire Watch first, I'm usually a whole pot-a-day coffee drinker, but a cup of Fire Watch and I stayed up through the night and wrote an entire six-month budget summary.

I tried half a cup of Moab to shake off the after-effects the next afternoon, and I wound up reading and filing a colossal stack of vendor reports that had been in my to-do pile forever.

My members are predominantly older veterans. I wouldn't drop the Moab blend on them unless they needed to get sober or I had a problem with them.

The Fire Watch I decided to keep for the staff of the building, and sometimes our missions go deep into the night.

These folks know what they're about—giving you the support you need to complete your mission.

So, if you need coffee, call ARC.

Sven Anderson
I'm a Spectre respector!

Delicious! If you like a high-quality dark roast coffee then try Spectre now!

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