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Comparing Macchiato vs Latte - What Are the Differences?

Comparing Macchiato vs Latte - What Are the Differences?

Have you ever found yourself puzzled in front of a coffee menu, wondering about the differences between a Macchiato and a Latte? You're certainly not alone in this. These staples of the coffee world captivate both enthusiasts and beginners, yet their subtle distinctions often remain a mystery, hidden beneath frothy layers and rich aromas.

Imagine not just enjoying, but truly understanding the art behind a perfectly brewed Macchiato or a creamy Latte. Embark on a flavorful journey with us, where we'll unfold the secrets of these popular beverages. And what better way to enhance this experience than with the gourmet blends of Aerial Resupply Coffee, where every sip reflects the pride and quality of a veteran-owned brand.

The Quick Answer

Here's a quick rundown on the main differences between a Macchiato and a Latte:


  • Typically stronger in flavor.
  • Made with a shot of espresso and a small amount of milk.
  • Often less milk than a Latte, leading to a more robust espresso taste.


  • Creamier and milder compared to a Macchiato.
  • Consists of espresso with a larger amount of steamed milk.
  • Known for its smooth, velvety texture and less intense coffee flavor.

Both offer unique coffee experiences, perfect for different preferences and occasions!

What is a Macchiato?


The Macchiato, an Italian classic, stands out for its strong, pronounced coffee flavor. It begins with a base of a single or double shot of rich espresso.

Then, a touch of milk is added, just enough to 'stain' the espresso – in fact, 'Macchiato' means 'stained' in Italian. This results in a drink where the bold espresso taste is front and center, complemented, but not overwhelmed, by the milk.

In some variations, a dollop of foam crowns the top, adding a light, airy texture. This beverage is ideal for those who appreciate the robust essence of espresso with just a hint of creaminess.

What is a Latte?


The Latte, a coffeehouse staple, is renowned for its smooth and creamy texture. It starts with a shot of espresso, similar to the Macchiato, but the resemblance ends there.

The key to a Latte lies in its generous portion of steamed milk, which is poured over the espresso. This not only dilutes the intensity of the espresso but also adds a rich, velvety texture to the drink.

A Latte is often topped with a light layer of foamed milk, creating a delicate balance between the milk and coffee flavors. It's this harmonious blend that makes the Latte a favorite among those who prefer a milder, more soothing coffee experience.

The Latte serves as a perfect canvas for flavor additions, from classic vanilla to seasonal pumpkin spice, appealing to a wide range of taste preferences.

The Differences Between Macchiato and Latte

coffee machine brewing coffee

While Macchiato and Latte both originate from espresso, their differences are quite distinct, primarily in flavor intensity and milk content.

Flavor Intensity: The Macchiato offers a more intense espresso flavor due to its minimal milk addition. It's ideal for those who enjoy the rich, bold taste of espresso. In contrast, the Latte provides a milder coffee experience, with the espresso flavor softened by the larger amount of steamed milk.

Milk Content and Texture: Macchiatos have a small amount of milk, maintaining a dense and strong coffee character. Lattes, on the other hand, contain a higher ratio of milk to coffee, resulting in a creamier and smoother texture.

Presentation: Visually, Lattes are often larger due to more milk and are popular for latte art, whereas Macchiatos are typically served in smaller cups, emphasizing their espresso-forward nature.

Choosing Between Macchiato and Latte

coffee beans spilling out of a cup

When deciding whether to indulge in a Macchiato or a Latte, consider your personal flavor preferences and the kind of coffee experience you're seeking.

For Bold Coffee Lovers 

If you prefer a strong, espresso-forward drink, a Macchiato is your go-to. Its minimal milk content allows the rich and robust flavor of the espresso to shine through, making it a favorite among purists and those who enjoy a more intense coffee experience.

For Those Who Favor Creaminess

If a smoother, creamier beverage is more to your liking, then a Latte is the perfect choice. The higher ratio of milk to coffee softens the espresso's intensity, resulting in a gentler, more velvety drink. It's also a great option for those new to coffee or who prefer milder flavors.

Exploring Flavors

Lattes are also ideal for experimenting with different flavors, from sweet syrups to spices, offering a versatile base for customization.

Making Macchiato and Latte with Aerial Resupply Coffee

bag of coffee beans

For the Macchiato Aficionados

Begin with Aerial Resupply's espresso coffee. You could also use espresso k cups if you’re looking for a little more convenience.  Its bold flavor is the heart of a great Macchiato. A dash of steamed milk adds a smooth touch, ensuring the espresso's rich taste remains the star.

Latte Enthusiasts

Choose one of Aerial Resupply's premium roasts. When blended into a Latte, the milk and coffee unite in a creamy fashion that you can’t help but enjoy.


Whether you're drawn to the bold, espresso-rich Macchiato or the smooth, milky Latte, each offers a unique and satisfying coffee experience. The choice between these two popular drinks often comes down to personal taste and the kind of coffee moment you're seeking.

The key to a truly remarkable Macchiato or Latte lies not just in the method of preparation, but also in the quality of the coffee used. Aerial Resupply Coffee, with its commitment to quality, brings an added layer of depth and flavor to these beverages.


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