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Caffeine Kick: Aerial Resupply Coffee's Strongest Coffee for the Bold

MOAB Coffee Meme from Aerial Resupply Coffee

Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m a coffee lover and blogger. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the strongest and boldest coffees in the world, and why you might want to try them if you’re looking for a caffeine kick. Whether you need a boost of energy in the morning, a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a jolt of inspiration at night, these coffees will not disappoint you. But be warned: these are not for the faint of heart. These are coffees for the bold.

Unleashing the Power of High-Caffeine Coffees

What makes a coffee strong? Is it the roast level, the bean type, the brewing method, or something else? Well, it depends on what you mean by strong. If you’re talking about the flavor, then the roast level and the bean type can have a big impact. Generally speaking, darker roasts tend to have a more intense and bitter flavor than lighter roasts, and robusta beans tend to have a more earthy and woody flavor than arabica beans. However, flavor is also subjective, and some people may prefer a milder or smoother taste.

If you’re talking about the caffeine content, then the brewing method and the amount of coffee used can make a difference. Caffeine is extracted from coffee beans when they are exposed to hot water, so the longer and hotter the extraction process, the more caffeine you get. That’s why espresso, which is made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee under high pressure, has more caffeine per ounce than drip coffee, which is made by pouring hot water over coarsely ground coffee in a filter. However, espresso shots are usually smaller than drip coffee cups, so the total amount of caffeine may vary depending on how much coffee you drink.

Another factor that affects the caffeine content of coffee is the blend. Some coffee roasters create blends that are specifically designed to have a high caffeine content, by using more robusta beans, which naturally have more caffeine than arabica beans. Robusta beans have on average 83% more caffeine than arabica beans, so making coffee with these beans will produce a cup of coffee with 83% more caffeine. According to, a robusta bean is 2.2% caffeine, while an arabica bean is 1.2% caffeine.

So why would you want to drink high-caffeine coffees? Well, there are many benefits of caffeine, such as:

  • Improving your alertness and concentration
  • Enhancing your mood and motivation
  • Boosting your metabolism and fat burning
  • Reducing your fatigue and drowsiness
  • Protecting your brain and memory

Of course, moderation is key, as too much caffeine can also have negative effects, such as:

  • Causing anxiety and nervousness
  • Disrupting your sleep quality and quantity
  • Increasing your blood pressure and heart rate
  • Triggering headaches and migraines
  • Irritating your stomach and digestion

The recommended daily intake of caffeine for healthy adults is about 400 mg, which is equivalent to about four cups of regular coffee. However, this may vary depending on your body weight, tolerance, sensitivity, and health conditions. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical issues, you should consult your doctor before consuming high-caffeine coffees.

Exploring Bold Blends

Now that you know what makes a coffee strong and why you might want to try it, let’s take a look at some of the boldest blends available on the market. These are not your average coffees; these are coffees that will make you feel alive.

Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast

Aerial Resupply Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee brand that offers a range of roasts and blends, but the most impressive one is the MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast. MOAB stands for Mother of All Brews, and it’s inspired by the MOAB weapon system, which stands for Mother of All Bombs. This is a coffee that packs a punch, with an average of 400 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup. That’s about twice as much as a regular cup of coffee. The company uses 100% arabica beans that are roasted to a medium level to produce a smooth and rich flavor with hints of chocolate and nuts. Aerial Resupply Coffee is also organic and fair trade certified, and it supports various veteran causes. You can choose from whole bean or ground options. If you’re looking for a coffee that will make you feel like a hero, this might be it.

Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast

How does it compare with other roasts?

You might be wondering how Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast compares with other roasts in terms of caffeine content. Well, here are some approximate numbers for you to consider:

  • Light roast coffee: 60 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup
  • Medium roast coffee: 100 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup
  • Dark roast coffee: 51 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup
  • Dark espresso roast coffee: 141 mg of caffeine per shot
  • Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast: 400 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup

As you can see, Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast has more caffeine than any other roast, even more than a shot of espresso. This means that you can get the same amount of caffeine from one cup of this coffee as you would from four cups of light roast coffee, or almost three shots of espresso. That’s a lot of caffeine!

As you can see, there are many options for high-caffeine coffees that can give you a caffeine kick like no other. However, none of them can match the strength and boldness of Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast. This coffee is not only strong in caffeine, but also in flavor and quality. It is also made by a company that cares about the environment, the farmers, and the veterans.

If you’re ready to explore the world of strong coffee and bold blends, I recommend you check out this link:

But wait, there’s more! If you’re interested in learning more about Aerial Resupply Coffee and their mission, you should also check out their website blog, The Flightline Cafe. There, you’ll find some amazing content that will inspire you and educate you about coffee and veterans. For example, you can read about:

  • How Aerial Resupply Coffee was founded by a former Army logistics officer who wanted to share his passion for coffee and aviation with the world
  • How Aerial Resupply Coffee sources their beans from organic and fair trade certified farms in Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, and Indonesia
  • How Aerial Resupply Coffee roasts their beans in small batches to ensure freshness and quality
  • And much more! You can find all these articles and more on their website blog, “The Flightline Cafe”. Just click on this link: The Flightline Cafe

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about coffee. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might also love coffee. And don’t forget to try Aerial Resupply Coffee MOAB Double Caffeinated Medium Roast for yourself. You won’t regret it.




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